Signature Bow Me Knot Headband Set (1-4)

Signature Bow Me Knot Headband Set (1-4)
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The signature GNK Bow me Knot Set is a modern twist on a traditional headband. The bow is movable to fit your style. These sets will fit most protective styles and those with larger head circumference, however, if you are not sure that this will fit you please let us know so that we may order you an extended size. Our bow-bands also include buttons to attach your face mask to for all day style and comfort. These items are all handcrafted with 100% African Wax Print Material.

Each Photo corresponds with it's pattern number, i.e. the first photo is pattern 1 etc. The picture will not correspond in the cart. If you are confused for any reason please add a note on your order with the pattern number you would like. You will get the pattern you requested.

***Due to the nature of our products and the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic ALL SALES ARE FINAL INDEFINTELY***