Signature Twisted Knot Headband Set 6-9

Signature Twisted Knot Headband Set 6-9
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This amazing set is designed with style and comfort in mind. All signature headband sets include a button on each side that is designed to match with our face masks to ease the pressure of wearing a mask for long periods. GNK Signature Headband comes in a variety of African Wax Print material that is 100% cotton. Masks are non-medical grade, reusable and washable. Every mask has 2 layers and is also 100% cotton. All headband sets are one size.

Each Photo corresponds with it's pattern number, i.e. the first photo is pattern 1 etc. The picture will not correspond in the cart. If you are confused for any reason please add a note on your order with the pattern number you would like. You will get the pattern you requested.