Deluxe Tote Bag

Deluxe Tote Bag
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GNK Signature Totebags are a great bag for everyday use as well as overnight travel. It has 2 zipper pockets and 2 additional side pockets behind the zippers perfect for keeping keys, headphones and any other item you need to reach easily. The rest of the bag is deep and wide enough to hold all over your daily or overnight essentials including a laptop, change of clothes or even 2 pairs of shoes. All GNK products are constructed using 100% African Wax Print Material.

All patterns cuts are different so please expect a slight variation in the final design that you receive. This also serves to add to the uniqueness of your purchase with us.

Each Photo corresponds with it's pattern number, i.e. the first photo is pattern 1 etc. The picture will not correspond in the cart. If you are confused for any reason please add a note on your order with the pattern number you would like. You will get the pattern you requested.

***Due to the nature of our products and the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic ALL SALES ARE FINAL INDEFINTELY***